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  STLE Annual Meeting 2014 - Single Day Registration

Status: Active
Total Functions: 20
Date: 05/18/2014 thru 05/22/2014
Early Registration Deadline: 04/22/2014
Late Registration Deadline: 04/22/2014
Event Contact: jenblom@stle.org

Thank you for your interest in our conferences. If you have questions regarding the conferences or your registration, please contact us.

Only in town for one day? Working at your exhibit booth for the week but still want to take a class? Our new "a la carte" option allows you to attend the meeting for just one day, or take a full day class without registering to attend the entire meeting.

Basic Lubrication 101 Course: Lubrication Fundamentals 08:00 AM   
ABMA - Rolling Element Bearings Course 08:00 AM   
Condition Monitoring Course: 301 CM in the 21st Century 08:00 AM   
Hydraulics 102 Course: Basic Hydraulic Components & Systems 08:00 AM   
MWF 125 Course: Health, Safety, and Introduction To GHS 08:00 AM   
NLGI's Grease 101 08:00 AM   
Synthetics Lubricants 203 Course: Nonpetroleum Fluids 08:00 AM   
Golf Outing - Disney's Magnificent Magnolia Golf Course 01:00 PM  Qty.  
TaylorMade Golf Clubs Rental 01:00 PM  Qty.  
Adidas Golf Shoes Rental 01:00 PM  Qty.  
Monday General Sessions Only 08:00 AM   
Annual Meeting Welcoming Party 06:30 PM  Qty.  
Tuesday General Sessions Only 08:00 AM   
Wednesday General Sessions Only 08:00 AM   
Synthetic Lubricants 204 Course: Fluid Formulation & Apps 08:00 AM   
MWF 130 Course: Metal Treating, Cleaning & Protecting Fluids 08:00 AM   
Gears 101 Course: The Fundamentals of Gears 08:00 AM   
Basic Lubrication Course 102 08:00 AM   
Advanced Lubrication 301 Course 08:00 AM   
Thursday General Admission Only 08:00 AM   

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